Vietnam Visa for Spanish or Spanish Travelers on arrival or advance Visa which the Spaniards will marvel, that is Vietnam. Not only because of the warmth of its people, but because it has a unique historical and cultural heritage, an exquisite culinary offer and a variety of landscapes that take your breath away from any traveler. So that your only concern is to enjoy your trip to the fullest, we provide you with visa information to travel to Vietnam and some important information for you to consider.

1. What kind of visa do I need to travel to Vietnam?

The Spanish are fortunate to be able to enjoy the visa waiver if they plan to visit Vietnam for less than 15 days. In case your trip would last longer you can apply for the visa in two ways: personally through the embassy or consulate, or online. Of course, this last option is the fastest and easiest, since you will avoid going through the entire bureaucratic process. With Saigon Go Corporation, we take care of contacting the embassy and processing your procedure for you. In this way, you will save time and headaches.

2. What restrictions exist for visa exemption ?

There are only two restrictions:

Respect the number of days you can stay in the country (15 days for Spanish citizens).
You should keep in mind that if you plan to enter Vietnam more than once, to make use of the visa waiver, the distance between one entry and another must be at least 30 days. In the event that you plan a stay longer than the allowed time or that you intend to enter twice in less than 30 days, then you must apply for Vietnam Visa.

3. How is the procedure to apply for my visa online ?

There are two types of visa that are processed online and then we indicate how to apply (

E-visa: you can process it by clicking here. After completing the form you must wait 5 business days to receive your visa by email.
Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VOA): Firstly, you must request a pre-approval letter by completing the corresponding form. In just one business day you will receive your letter in PDF format in your email. You must print it and present it when you arrive at the airport along with two passport photos, your passport and the visa fee.

4. How long will my Vietnam Visa last ?

When you apply, you can opt for a visa with a duration of 30 or 90 days. In turn, you can also choose between one that allows you a single entry or multiple, depending on the number of times you are going to enter the country in that period of time. You should not worry if your visa expires early, since at the time of completing the form you must indicate the date of entry and that will be the day on which your visa will take effect.

5. What are the payment methods ?

The advantage of processing your visa through Saigon Go Apply Url, unlike most governments, we offer you the possibility of paying through all means of payment, since we work with credit cards, Paypal.

6. What is the Vietnam Visa Fee ?