✅ Thanh Ut: Our General Manager in Ho Chi Minh City is a remarkable individual who not only excels in leading our team but also boasts a unique passion for biking. With his leather jacket and helmet, he effortlessly navigates the bustling streets, embodying the spirit of adventure and freedom. This dual role reflects his commitment to both professional excellence and personal fulfillment. In the office, he inspires us with his strategic thinking and determination to achieve our goals. On the streets, he embodies fearlessness and resilience, a true reflection of his leadership style. Our General Manager's biker persona adds an extra dose of excitement and inspiration to our everyday work life.

✅ Loc  Ly/Mr: The "Master of the Backroads" is an exceptional individual who possesses an unrivaled passion for biking and the exploration of Vietnam's beautiful landscapes. As the high-end biker and route leader for Vietnam bike tours, they have honed their skills on the backroads, mastering every twist and turn of the routes they lead. With an intricate knowledge of the country's diverse terrain, from the lush rice paddies to the rugged mountain passes, they are an expert at crafting unforgettable journeys for adventurous souls. Their charisma and expertise make them the perfect guide, ensuring that every biker enjoys an immersive and authentic experience in this enchanting country. 

✅ Danh Ngan - Mr Leo/Mr: The biking loop researcher is a passionate individual dedicated to discovering and uncovering the most breathtaking and scenic cycling routes for all types of traveler's cyclists. Equipped with a keen eye for natural beauty, this researcher scours the globe in search of hidden gems and well-known trails alike. Armed with their trusty bike and a sense of adventure, they traverse mountains, coastlines, and enchanting countryside to curate the most picturesque and diverse routes. Whether it's a leisurely pedal through vineyards, a challenging ascent up mountain passes, or a peaceful ride along coastal cliffs, this researcher ensures that every cyclist can find their perfect route, creating unforgettable experiences and memories. 

✅ Samnang Lucky/Mr: The biker coach is an experienced cycling enthusiast who is dedicated to training aspiring cyclists for the role of a cycling tour guide. With a passion for biking and a deep knowledge of the sport, the coach imparts valuable skills and guidance to prepare individuals for leading cycling tours. Through personalized training programs, the coach focuses on improving stamina, endurance, and bike handling techniques. They also emphasize the importance of safety and navigation, ensuring that tour guides are well-equipped to handle various terrains and situations. The biker coach instills confidence and encourages a love for cycling, preparing individuals for a successful career as a cycling tour guide.